My Story...

"Hey, I'm Brette. Why should you choose to buy my art? I am unique as an artist, because of my story. I grew up in Oakland, where I attended a tiny all girls high school & inevitably became a community oriented and socially conscious feminist. I had my first art show there, when I was 17 & sold the entire collection!

I continued art at Loyola Marymount University & had to break away from my classical training to develop my own style as an artist.

Seems like a great story right?

Well, any seemingly great story comes with struggle. I've dealt with pretty debilitating anxiety most of my life, it began when I was about 15 & returned again many time. It has caused many health issues & setback in my life. But at the same time that anxiety appeared in my life, I also found that art uplifted it. Many times I've come so close to just giving up on my purpose. There have been many days when I could not get out of bed, or could not find the fuel to push forward. But art get's me up. Art has always been the antidote. Art has turned my life around, at times when I thought there was no road back to joy.

Art lights the way down any dark path I've had to walk through in life.

If you have anxiety or know anyone who struggles with it, then you know it is a lifelong struggle, and to move through it, you must find something you love. Art is my love. In my work, I am drawn to illumination in darkness. The deepest growth happens when you learn how to glow in the dark. In my work, I depict the moon, as a symbol of light surrounded by darkness. I depict flowers, as symbols of growth and presence. Flowers teach us how to STAY in the present moment. I feel like every human being, (just like the moon and flowers) needs a heavy dose of both light and darkness to find beauty and bliss. We then need presence and self love to maintain that bliss. To heal myself from anxiety I had to look deep into my own darkness; family dysfunction, personal triggers and heartbreaks, to sustain a feeling of lightness, because the only way out is through. Most of all I had to learn to love myself through the pain. Art is my form of self love. Through facing my pain in each period of anxiety in my life, I have emerged with more light and have become a stronger artist. I now have a unique style in which I am blessed teach and uplift others. Let's connect, work together and add love, magic, growth, and presence to your frequency."

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