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"Hi, I'm Brette! I'm a feminist artist who owns an art Company! #ARTBYBRETTE, is my personal brand about inner love, truth, growth & presence. It's all about living in the moment. Because what else is there really? #ARTBYBRETTE is about utilizing a pure romanticism with life to fuel & sustain a constant presence of awareness. There is so much magic in living in the present moment! ​STUK DESIGNS (pronounced "stuck") is my feminist art Company and lifestyle brand!"


"I believe I'm a unique as an illustrator, because I'm classically trained. I received my best art instruction when I went to a little all girls college prep high school in Oakland, called Holy Names. There, I began building my first body of work, within the Honors Art Program. I received the highest score in the National Honors Program. I had my first art show when I was 17 & almost sold the entire collection! I continued my art education at LMU. There, I studied Graphic Design. I also went to summer courses at California College of The Arts (CCA) and Academy of Art University, San Francisco. It may sound like a lot, but art is simply fuels my life! I had to break away from my classical training to develop my own personal style as an artist. I look at that part of my journey as having to breakdown to build up. I relate my life to the sun and moon cycles, a lot. I feel like every artist, every human being, needs a heavy dose of both light and darkness to find beauty and bliss. I had to look deep into my own darkness and many heartbreaks, to sustain a feeling of lightness, so that I could teach others - "man was made for joy & woe & when this we rightly know, through the world we safely go." - William Blake!  I now have a unique style of combining the digital arts & fine arts (art by hand). Let's work together & make what's in your head come to life!

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." -Rumi

Logo & Branding Illustration

Are you a female influencer? Are you a power women? Through my illustration company STUK Designs I have developed a unique logo & branding style. Are you looking for a powerful logo to give your brand or company a strong voice & a beautiful face? Do you want a logo that can never be duplicated? I can turn YOU into a #STUKGIRL logo illustration. I offer various promo branding packages; business cards, stationary, pins, stickers etc.! Let's start work today

T-Shirt Design & Production

I have designed t-shirts and hat's for over 10 years. I learned silk screening and t-shirt design while at Loyola Marymount University. I have a very unique T-shirt designing technique and facilitate speedy t-shirt production at an economical cost! Would you like to promote your brand utilizing wearable art? Contact me for a quote today

Book Cover Illustration

As the world of publishing becomes larger, thanks to the self-publishing revolution, I am able to offer exceptional book jacket design skills. Whether you are well into your career as an author/poet or just starting out, I can help! If you have a book, and need help marketing, I can also provide blog and social media features to assist in book sales. Get a quote for your book cover today by contacting me

Fashion & Beauty Illustration

I offer beauty & fashion illustration services to adverting companies, department stores, garment manufactures, fashion designers, pattern makers & more. I use of wide range of techniques & materials to enhance the style & trend to suit any desired fashion or beauty need. I have ample experience working with fashion magazines, catalogues, department stores, TV commercials & films! Work with me today!

Natalya Oliver

“Brette took my idea and gave it life. I can not draw. I can not paint. I can not do anything artistic that involves pencils or water colors and blank papers. But, Brette managed to pull out of herself what I would do if I could do those things. She became the vessel. What came of the logo she created for me was far and beyond what I had expected and not only defined my musical sound, but my message and unexpectedly, our purpose. By working with Brette, you are really working with an extension of yourself.”

– Client: Natalya Oliver (Actress, Musician, Producer, Director)

Jason Madison
“Working with Brette was amazing because she was able to easily comprehend my vision and she gave me exactly what I was looking for. The artwork she did for me was not only dope, but she had an amazing turnaround time!”

– Client: Jason Madison (Producer, Director)


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