Brette Sims is a feminist artist, born in Berkeley and Raised in Oakland, CA, who currently resides in Los Angeles. She depicts women with bold & beautiful features. She believes that art is a form of self-love and that art heals depression & anxiety. Under the name #artbybrette, she creates artistic reflections of inner love, magic, growth, and presence. Brette depicts the moon and flowers in almost every one of her creations, which represent light in darkness and the ability to grow and stay grounded in the present moment through obstacles. Brette also founded a Nonprofit called: ​STUK DESIGNS (pronounced "stuck", standing for: Strong, Talented, United, & Knowledgeable). It’s an art organization and feminist brand for creative career women who provide art & self-love education to girls in underserved communities globally. ​STUK educates through the philosophy and mission of teaching girls and women to place “self-love first”.


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