Brette Sims is a feminist illustrator, originally from Oakland, CA, who currently resides in Los Angeles. She depicts women with bold, beautiful features & strong fashion influences. She creates under the name #ARTBYBRETTE , she creates artistic reflections of your own inner love, truth, growth, and presence. Brette also owns a feminist art organization & nonprofit brand called: ​STUK DESIGNS (pronounced "stuck", standing for: Strong, Talented, United, & Knowledgeable). ​STUK DESIGNS  brands & empowers girls & women. STUK provides self-love education for girls in school & women in career/the workplace internationally. All sales proceeds go towards our programming in the U.S. and Africa!  STUK educates through the philosophy of placing “self-love first”.  ​STUK DESIGNS believes that by teaching young girls self-love, they will carry that love through their adolescence & into their careers! Self-love propels the girls  ​STUK DESIGNS teaches, into women of purpose, who do what they love for a living!

STUK DESIGNS  evolved from her senior thesis at  Loyola Marymount University to where she attended to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree and a minor in African American Studies. Through ​STUK DESIGNS Brette runs creative self-love classes, workshops & events for girls & women. She takes on a diverse clientele from non-profits to creative business professionals.

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